Fun for Kids

When your kids arrive, they will feel as if our office was specifically designed for them. They are right. A variety of books, games, and toys are available for their enjoyment, including video game consoles. In the examination area, each dental chair has a dedicated video screen to entertain your child during the appointment. We have a wide selection of video titles on hand, or, your kids can bring their favorite (kid-appropriate) DVD’s with them from home. Our staff is trained to make sure that your children feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable before their dental exams begin. Most importantly, we use fun and effective methods to instruct your child in proper oral hygiene, establishing the groundwork for good dental habits that will last a lifetime.

Our waiting area is comfortable for grown-ups, too. Additional conveniences include easy access, plenty of free parking, free guest Wi-Fi, a central location on the Plateau at the Pine Lake III Shopping Center, and clinic forms that are available online to accommodate busy parent schedules.